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Step Away from the Computer!

This is the night that all my shuffling and changing plans has finally caught up to me.

I have been blogging forever.

I have been blogging in one form or another probably for over 10 years.  I first stared out with a RapidWeaver website. I had some hilarious posts on a crazy RV trip my family took in the mid 2000's.  But I lost them all - or at least think i have - when I changed out of RapidWeaver to get a "real" website.

So I transitioned to a self hosted Wordpress solution.  I learned all about hosting and cpanel and site maintenance. But it too too much time to do all that stuff, so I looked for a hosted solution.  

Next, after a short experiment with Tumbler, I tried Posterous, which was great. Hosted and free, what was not to like.  It was great, right up until Posterous went out of business. By this time I was getting into "real" websites again and was messing around with Joomla, since I could make a real website with it.  But Joomla wasn't great (at the time) for blogging. So I tried Blogger instead for my personal site. But Blogger just didn't fit me, so I looked around again and saw that the Posterous people had started a new service called Posthaven. I tried it and liked it. Clean, hosted so no site maintenance, and no free (which was a plus) but cheap. Soon thereafter I moved all my personal stuff to Posthaven. Meanwhile, my Joomla confidence was growing, an Joomla was finally a competent blogging platform. I imported my old Wordpress posts, which I had kept stored on a server while I sorted through all of this, into Joomla using a converter form EasyBlog, a Joomla component. 

By now, I am getting pretty confident. I know my way around Wordpress, Blogger, Posterous, Joomla, and Posthaven. I know how to FTP and install files on a server and fix most basic problems. I installed a wiki on my server under a subdomain. Things are looking great. I finally got this. 

Then I realized that my subdomain and domain were hosted in different places, which wouldn't work.  I had to do my own hosting (wiki and personal site) or give up on the wiki and continue using the hosted solution. In my overconfidence, I decide that Joomla is the way to go and I should concentrate all of my development knowledge there. So, I move my my personal blog to the same host as my wiki - problem solved. Except . . . I didn't want to use Easyblog anymore. I could already blog with Joomla 3 pretty easily and didn't need all of Easyblog's features. Plus, Easyblog cost an annual fee, and I dint want to pay it anymore. So i uninstalled Easyblog.

But I lost all of my posts 

 What I didn't know when I installed Easyblog is that it stores all of your posts in its own database, instead of the Joomla article database. I didn't have a back up of that database. And I can't find one or any other way to get to my prior posts.  I lost years of posts. I will keep looking in places (old computers, old servers, etc . . ) but I think most are gone.  If I find any, I will add them to this blog, but that is a big if.

Now, Time to start Over

So, for the last time (I hope) I am staring over. Whatever I can recreate or find, I will add, but I am not waiting to do that. In the next 30 days of my trial on Typepad, I intend to give it the full run through with posts, images, etc . . and see if it what I hope it is. I am also going to keep my Posthaven blogs up for now. But the plan, if Typepad plays out, is to move everything over here . . . permanently. With the hosted solution I won't have to worry about site maintenance and back ups.  I will export a copy of my content once a month so I have a copy, but that should do it.  I lost some pretty good posts about fallen shipmates with comments form former friends and family members. I hate to lose all of that.  But I have, apparently. 

That is a valuable lesson in stop screwing around and stick with something that works.  That, and always have a backup of everything at all times - just in case.